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Best Proxy VPN App for China

Yuix Privacy Browser

Next-level Privacy Browser with built-in Proxy VPN. Browse like a ninja!

Most websites these days are built to pry, and this annoying website function frustrates the surfing experience. Websites cookies always try to get the information of the person browsing (device model, location, interest, etc.), so that they can send automated ad campaigns. Hackers and cyber criminals generally also try to get information of internet users. While all these happen world over, internet restriction is a on a whole bigger level in China, Turkey and Iran.

In the mentioned countries as well as few others, the governments of each country put in place internet censorship which blocks some selected IP addresses and websites. Hence, people who are browsing from China, for instance, cannot access the blocked webpages. This, without a doubt, limits user experience.

Being a tech enthusiast, I am always watching out for new tools that can improve user experience, and in one of my many researches, I found Yuix Privacy Browser Proxy VPN. So, as you read further, you will be to introduced to the features of this app so that you can decide whether and how Yuix can improve your experience on the internet, especially if you reside in Turkey, Iran, or China.

First, What is Yuix Privacy Browser Proxy VPN?

Yuix is a mobile web browser app with built-in VPN proxy that comes with trackers and ad blocking feature. It is compatible with iOS 11.0 or newer. It is in over 30 languages including Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, English, French, Afrikaans, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, etc. Yuix app helps to maintain anonymity and protect your privacy while surfing the internet.

Features of Yuix Privacy Browser Proxy VPN

  • Free built-in VPN – this ensures that your privacy is protected. It will encrypt your data so it doesn’t allow stalkers and trackers access any of your information. It will also hide your IP address (there are 10 different international locations on the app right now).
  • Ads and trackers blocking feature – this blocks all kinds of automated ads, as well as restricts social and analytics trackers from invading your browser privacy.
  • Yuix allows users to access the data record of ad pop-ups and trackers that have been blocked, it gives users detailed data which includes website information of the trackers and automated ads.
  • It is only compatible with iOS 11 or newer – it supports iPhone 5S up to iPhone X, as well as iPads and iPods with iOS 11 or newer.
  • It supports many languages – this is also an impressive feature of the app, anyone from any part of the world can install Yuix Privacy Browser Proxy VPN on their iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Yuix Privacy Browser Proxy VPN bypasses government internet censorships including China’s Great Firewall. Users can access any chosen website or IP address on the internet without limitations.

My Verdict

Well, you should know that I have tried Yuix and found it deserving of a review. So, if you’re like me who can’t stand pop-ups and you can’t browse comfortably knowing that trackers are taking your information, then getting Yuix installed on your iPhone is the way to go. More importantly, if you do not like to be restricted from visiting your favorite websites because of internet censorships, then Yuix is for you.

When I installed Yuix, as a new subscriber, I got 7 days free trail for the Premium VPN locations, after which I subscribed for $6.99. That’s the only in-app purchase I did.

Cai Yijun